Inductor Color Code Guide

This will be a simple guide to reading inductor color codes. The color codes for inductors are identical to that of a resistor so if you are familiar with resistors this should be very easy.


The tricky part is remembering the results from this will be in microHenrys, not just Henrys.

First break down the bands. The last band is the tolerance, and the band right before that is the multiplier. The other bands are the numbers

So the easiest way will be to show an example. Say we have the colors BROWN, ORANGE, BROWN, BLACK

They would mean the inductor has a value of:

1 3 X10 +/-20%

So we have 13 x 10 +/-20%,

meaning out inductance is 130 micro Henrys with a 20 percent tolerance, or in other words, our actual inductance can be anywhere between 104 and 156 micro Henrys.

Pretty straight forward, you can find some online interactive tutorials for practice, but you should pick it up pretty quickly

Four Band Standard EIA Colour Code For Inductors.


Therefore value = 27 x10 = 270µH +/-20%

Band 1 2 3 4
Meaning 1st Digit 2nd Digit Multiplier (No. of zeros) Tolerance %
Gold     x 0.1 (divide by 10) +/-5%
Silver     x 0.01 (divide by 100) +/-10%
Black 0 0 x1 (No Zeros) +/-20%
Brown 1 1 x10 (0)  
Red 2 2 x100 (00)  
Orange 3 3 x1000 (000)  
Yellow 4 4 x10000 (0,000)  
Green 5 5    
Blue 6 6    
Violet 7 7    
Grey 8 8    
White 9 9    

Note: If no Band 4 is used, tolerance is also +/-20%

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