List Of 10 Top Best Free Web hosting Site

I know not every body can afford good expensive web host like Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, Arvixe etc.. there are quite a number of free good web hosting company.

With great features you need to setup a medium-scale website. You can use these free webhost to setup a wordpress blog, a personal or business website, name it.

Criteria For Rating

I didn’t just wake up one morning and started drawing up this list. There are major factors i considered before putting this list of free web host together.

  • Support for PHP & MySQL
  • Size of disk-space
  • Size of monthly file transfer (bandwidth)
  • Good and easy to use control panel
  • FTP support
  • Top level domain(TLD), subdomain and addon domain support

In no particular order, below are the list of the World best free web hosting company.

  1. Hosting
    This is one of the good free web host around today with great features like; PHP5/7 & MySQL support, no force ADS, free domain, 1000 MB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth, 1-click script installer and additional support for CGI/Perl, ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, cURL, and GD library.

    Great features such as- PHP5/7 & MySQL support; 1 GB diskspace; 5GB bandwidth; 1 domain hosting; 3 subdomain; 1 MySQL database support; no force ADS; Joomla and WordPress Installer.

    PHP & MySQL support, No ADS, 200MB free webspace, 4GB monthly data transfer, free and doamin, POP3/Imap, SMTP access, webmail, CGI, Perl and flash support.

    They provide good PHP/MySQL support; 5GB diskspace; 50GB monthly transfer(bandwidth); Unlimited MySQL databases; addon doamain and park domain support; Ion Cube and Zend encoder support; 10MB maximum file size; PhpMyAdmin, cron job and 20+ free subdomains.

    Offers PHP/MySQL support, 50MB diskspace, 1GB bandwidth, free hosting of own domain, free domain, 3 subdomain support.

    PHP/MySQL support, 250MB diskspace, 6GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database with 10MB size, 3 POP/Imap emails, easy to use control panel.

    PHP5 & unlimited number and size of MySQL support, unlimited diskspace and bandwidth with cPanel 11, automatic regular backup, with softaculous and fantasticio auto-installer, maximum upload size is 16MB with 64MB PHP memory limit, 2 addon domain, 1 park domain and 2 subdomain option.

    PHP5/MySQL support, 6GB diskspace, 50GB bandwidth transfer per month, native control panel, host unlimited number of websites, NO forced ADS, 3 MySQL database, SQLbuddy for advance MySQL database management, range of subdomains choices and an option to use your own doamin.

    1GB webspace, 10GB bandwidth, Zero cost web hosting with PHP, MySQL, cPanel, and no ads. With the above web host, you can use it to setup your first WordPress blog or any medium-scale website. Just hope you find this list helpful.

    Disk space Unlimited, Domain hosting: Unlimited, Monthly traffic: Unlimited Bandwidth,Subdomains: Unlimited, Email accounts: 10, FTP accounts: 1, MySQL databases: 400.

Great services all, although you should read the terms of service before starting any of them.

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